Can You Provide a Ball Suggestion?

Title: Ron                                                                       Mon, Aug 31, 2009

Topic: Bowling Ball

Query: Properly my spouse purchased me a brand new ball (Hammer Black Widow Venom) 

I used to be out of bowling for a number of years and the ball actually would not work for me. I throw a powerful hook and a quick ball.

The Venom undoubtedly has an excessive amount of hook as I actually can’t management it. I’m proper handed and if I hit the 1-2 pocket I’m fortunate as a result of it hooks manner left. I’ve used the ball for a few 12 months now on a number of forms of oil surfaces.

I’ve tried altering my place and velocity and the whole lot else however I actually simply assume I want a distinct ball that may hook a lot much less.

Are you able to supply a advice?

I’m a common bowler as a sub in a league.

Simply in search of some recommendation on a ball with much less hook than the Venom.

I used to be presumably contemplating primarily based on opinions I’ve learn. I’m contemplating the Brunswick Swarm which has a hook of a 105 on a scales of 10 – 175 as in comparison with the Venom which has a hook of 115 primarily based on a scale of 10-160

Reply: Ron,

First change the floor of the ball from the very shiny out of field (4000) to one thing that may burn power off (1000) earlier than the massive transfer down the lane. That ought to assist some. A unique format may also get the ball to roll a lot milder additionally. If you wish to plug the ball.

Not understanding something about your rev fee, velocity (apart from laborious), tilt, rotation and lane situations, its close to unimaginable to recommend a ball. The place do you wish to play on the lane? Up the boards? swing the ball a bit of? level the ball to the pocket? The place do you place your slide foot at set-up? RH or LH? Do you drift? The place does your slide foot end on the foul line? What’s your goal on the lane from the set-up described? Do you have got a earlier ball that you just preferred? 

How a lot much less would you want the brand new ball to hook? Hook JUST much less or later? Earlier? The Swarm is much less ball however I am undecided how a lot much less you will want. But.

Let me know extra and I can get a deal with on the state of affairs. Thanks for the query.

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