Higher Ballstriking!

It has been unbelievable to observe my college students work this idea into their golf swing and witness how significantly better they begin to strike the golf ball. It’s ball first, crisp contact the place the compression improves nearly instantly. When you wrestle with thins, scrappy heavy hits and even some blocks and hooks then this thought is an efficient one so that you can attempt. As all the time there’s a video coming, however as we speak I’m going to steer off with what I’d such as you to really feel….

  • As you get to the highest of your backswing your lead/entrance facet is decrease than the path facet. In transition I need you to maintain the lead facet low for so long as doable into the downswing

  • Really feel such as you’re “browsing down the wave” into the golf ball

  • Work in opposition to drifting the higher physique in entrance of the ball. There ought to be no higher physique sway as you begin down

  • Whereas the lead facet will elevate at impression, attempt to maintain that entrance shoulder staying as little as doable