Lee Trevino’s Driving Secret | GOLFSTR

I not too long ago discovered a weblog titled: “Trevino’s Left Hand Secret”. In 1974 he uncovered his secret for correct tee pictures: “Maintaining your left hand forward of the club-face.” He mentioned: “If the opposite guys ever be taught that it’s the again of the left hand that controls the club-face, there could be much more winners, and I’d have much more to fret about.” He additionally really useful this “with an open stance which is able to give your arms room to increase alongside the best way as your physique turns.”

I’ve by no means heard any professionals recommending an open stance for drives, nevertheless it actually caught my consideration as that is precisely the best way I setup and drive off a tee to regulate the course of my drives. An open stance helps me shallow my downswing in order that my trailing elbow grazes my facet as I drive up my goal line.
Lee additionally bowed his wrist on the high of his swing (the place I flatten my wrist) to shallow the downswing for an in-to-out swing. It’s described as a push-cut swing inflicting a slight fade.

Lee had a looping swing from his takeaway to his downswing. For Lee this created a slight fade however most golfers hit a draw with this swing.

I’m sharing this description to focus on the truth that you may select the setup (open stance), transition (cupped wrist) and supply (inside to out) to your swing so long as it offers you consistency and management.
Your dominant power in a single arm, wrist and leg or a tightness in your hips, backbone or neck will all have an effect on the swing that works to your physique.

Adjustments in any place in your swing will proceed to offer inconsistent outcomes. You don’ t have to stay to the textual content e-book swing. Discover the swing that offers you a constant consequence after which groove that swing to your driver and one other swing to your irons.

Trevino and each different professional discovered the correct swing movement for his or her driver and irons. As soon as you discover it it’s essential lock it in for consistency. Sadly, the older you get the extra the extra you might have to concentrate on your our bodies tending to vary all through every spherical of golf relying in your stamina, the altering temperature and your power degree.

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