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Many chess gamers, myself included, are obsessive about discovering the “greatest” openings to play.

The explanation for this obsession is sensible. For those who get an ideal place out of the opening, play might be simpler.

It’s notable that issues are completely different when taking part in White or Black. The truth is, the “greatest” openings are extra relevant for Black, because it’s Black who chooses how one can react to White’s first transfer.

So let’s take a look at these greatest openings for Black.

The previous couple of many years clarified loads of issues within the openings. Due to the engines, we are able to now be virtually sure about many openings and variations.

It began in 2000 with Kramnik’s genius concept to play the Berlin in opposition to Garry Kasparov. Garry couldn’t break The Wall and ever since then no one got here even shut. Truly, the Berlin has established itself as one of many “greatest” openings for Black in opposition to 1.e4.

Laptop video games and evaluation have crystallised which openings are higher and that are worse. In opposition to 1.e4, alongside the Berlin, we have now the Petroff, the Najdorf and the Sveshnikov. These openings have proved to be the very best ones relating to statistics, security of Black’s place and lack of possibilities provided to White. Naturally, all of them differ of their essence and character, however that is for every participant to determine.

In opposition to 1.d4, we have now a greater diversity. The primary line of defence goes to the Queen’s Gambit Declined, the Nimzo-Indian and the Ragozin mixture and the Semi-Tarrasch after 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 d5 4.Nc3 c5 5.cxd5 cxd4! (as an alternative of the extra normal 5…Nxd5). Shut to those is the Slav complicated and the Grunfeld.

I’ve witnessed and was a part of the Kasparov period within the Nineties when opening preparation consisted of digging issues up with engines and springing surprises on the unsuspecting opponents. It required work to search out new concepts for each colors. These days, nonetheless, the hassle to search out new concepts has elevated, however solely when taking part in with White!

When taking part in with Black, the participant doesn’t really want new concepts. The explanation for that is that the huge quantity of concept, with the numerous laptop video games forming it, as soon as memorised, is definitely enough to acquire a great recreation with out inventing new concepts. Merely following the idea is sufficient for Black.

That’s the reason all of the onus is on White. It’s White who should attempt to discover new concepts, however in all of the openings talked about above, no new concept will change the analysis of a well-established variation. What we have now then, is a state of affairs the place White hopes that his new concept would set Black pondering and hopefully result in unbiased play, whereas Black, confronted with a brand new concept, is aware of that his place is greater than high-quality regardless of being shocked within the opening.

This sense of being secure with Black even when shocked just isn’t one thing that existed within the Nineties. Again then, every time confronted with a ready shock, you’d assume that your opponent has refuted the road!

For this reason the talked about openings are the very best ones. No shock will ever refute them. A shock generally is a massive one and even win a recreation, however the opening won’t ever be at risk. As a typical instance of such an concept, that finally gained a recreation, however didn’t even come near shaking the assumption within the opening is Caruana’s 16.c3 within the sharpest Poisoned Pawn variation within the Najdorf, performed in opposition to Vachier on the Ekaterinburg Candidates Match. The transfer shocked Vachier, however it’s clear that the transfer was simply neutralised as quickly as the sport completed, so it didn’t have an effect on the Najdorf in a single bit.

That’s the reason virtually all of White’s concepts these days are largely one-game concepts. It’s a hit-and-run method and it requires loads of work to stockpile a bunch of concepts to have at one’s disposal.

The most recent illustration of those completely different approaches with White and Black had been the final two World Championship matches. Nepomniachtchi caught to his Petroff in opposition to Carlsen and received equal positions with out demonstrating something new and simply following concept. Each Ding and Carlsen diverse their White openings in an try and catch Nepo on unfamiliar floor and it must be admitted that Ding was extra profitable than Carlsen, as he managed to acquire many promising positions with the white items by taking part in sidelines.

To conclude, taking part in the very best openings with Black will make your life simpler, particularly in opposition to opponents who haven’t ready a shock, when following established concept will suffice. And when confronted with a shock, the participant ought to keep in mind the inherent solidity of the opening to have the assumption to efficiently navigate the shock he’s going through. Usually this gained’t be simple, however when the reality is there within the place, it’s simpler to search for it and, hopefully, discover it.